DANNY AND SHEILA | San Diego Gardens Intramuros Wedding

Danny Sheila Wedding-1Danny Sheila Wedding-218Danny Sheila Wedding-243PLK_0063Danny Sheila Wedding-3Danny Sheila Wedding-13Danny Sheila Wedding-8Danny Sheila Wedding-10Danny Sheila Wedding-15Danny Sheila Wedding-16Danny Sheila Wedding-17Danny Sheila Wedding-20Danny Sheila Wedding-24Danny Sheila Wedding-27Danny Sheila Wedding-28Danny Sheila Wedding-32Danny Sheila Wedding-34Danny Sheila Wedding-36Danny Sheila Wedding-37Danny Sheila Wedding-38Danny Sheila Wedding-43
Danny Sheila Wedding-39
Danny Sheila Wedding-47Danny Sheila Wedding-50Danny Sheila Wedding-53Danny Sheila Wedding-30Danny Sheila Wedding-45Danny Sheila Wedding-54Danny Sheila Wedding-55Danny Sheila Wedding-57Danny Sheila Wedding-59Danny Sheila Wedding-60Danny Sheila Wedding-61Danny Sheila Wedding-62Danny Sheila Wedding-66Danny Sheila Wedding-67Danny Sheila Wedding-70Danny Sheila Wedding-71Danny Sheila Wedding-73Danny Sheila Wedding-79Danny Sheila Wedding-82Danny Sheila Wedding-85Danny Sheila Wedding-89Danny Sheila Wedding-91Danny Sheila Wedding-92Danny Sheila Wedding-94Danny Sheila Wedding-95Danny Sheila Wedding-96Danny Sheila Wedding-98Danny Sheila Wedding-99Danny Sheila Wedding-101Danny Sheila Wedding-102Danny Sheila Wedding-104Danny Sheila Wedding-106Danny Sheila Wedding-108Danny Sheila Wedding-116Danny Sheila Wedding-118Danny Sheila Wedding-119Danny Sheila Wedding-121Danny Sheila Wedding-122Danny Sheila Wedding-125Danny Sheila Wedding-127Danny Sheila Wedding-130Danny Sheila Wedding-132Danny Sheila Wedding-133Danny Sheila Wedding-134Danny Sheila Wedding-135Danny Sheila Wedding-136Danny Sheila Wedding-138Danny Sheila Wedding-141Danny Sheila Wedding-142Danny Sheila Wedding-144Danny Sheila Wedding-150Danny Sheila Wedding-151Danny Sheila Wedding-155Danny Sheila Wedding-156Danny Sheila Wedding-158Danny Sheila Wedding-161Danny Sheila Wedding-164Danny Sheila Wedding-148Danny Sheila Wedding-165Danny Sheila Wedding-166Danny Sheila Wedding-167Danny Sheila Wedding-169

Danny Sheila Wedding-176Danny Sheila Wedding-184

Danny Sheila Wedding-195Danny Sheila Wedding-186Danny Sheila Wedding-189Danny Sheila Wedding-190Danny Sheila Wedding-193Danny Sheila Wedding-188Danny Sheila Wedding-194Danny Sheila Wedding-197Danny Sheila Wedding-199Danny Sheila Wedding-201Danny Sheila Wedding-203Danny Sheila Wedding-204Danny Sheila Wedding-205Danny Sheila Wedding-206Danny Sheila Wedding-207Danny Sheila Wedding-208Danny Sheila Wedding-211Danny Sheila Wedding-217Danny Sheila Wedding-219

Danny Sheila Wedding-213Danny Sheila Wedding-222Danny Sheila Wedding-224Danny Sheila Wedding-225Danny Sheila Wedding-226Danny Sheila Wedding-227Danny Sheila Wedding-230Danny Sheila Wedding-235Danny Sheila Wedding-236Danny Sheila Wedding-237Danny Sheila Wedding-238Danny Sheila Wedding-239Danny Sheila Wedding-240

Danny Sheila Wedding-192Danny Sheila Wedding-175

Danny Sheila Wedding-177

Danny Sheila Wedding-170

Danny Sheila Wedding-172Danny Sheila Wedding-180Danny Sheila Wedding-242Danny Sheila Wedding-245Danny Sheila Wedding-246Danny Sheila Wedding-247Danny Sheila Wedding-249Danny Sheila Wedding-253Danny Sheila Wedding-255Danny Sheila Wedding-257Danny Sheila Wedding-258

Danny Sheila Wedding-250Danny Sheila Wedding-260Danny Sheila Wedding-268Danny Sheila Wedding-271Danny Sheila Wedding-279Danny Sheila Wedding-280Danny Sheila Wedding-281Danny Sheila Wedding-283Danny Sheila Wedding-284Danny Sheila Wedding-288Danny Sheila Wedding-289Danny Sheila Wedding-292Danny Sheila Wedding-293Danny Sheila Wedding-295Danny Sheila Wedding-259

Photography: GJ Esguerra Photography
Videography: Woodstock Cinema
HMUA: Seka Mojal
Hotel Preparations: Manila Hotel
Ceremony and Reception: San Diego Gardens / Baluarte de San Diego Intramuros

© GJ ESGUERRA PHOTOGRAPHY | Philippine Wedding Photographer, Manila

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